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I appreciate your reflections. Just a quick comment: There is nothing pathological about rely on. The pathology lies in inviting and after that abusing have confidence in.

I have been loud, persistent and forthright about sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas. Specifically Sogyal Lakar aka Rinpoche, who is a sadistic sexual predator of monumental proportions. He is additionally a bully who delights in humiliating his learners before a roomful of individuals. He is liar — he tends to make Bogus promises about his qualifications as being a Buddhist Instructor. But the vast majority of all he is amazingly greedy.

It might be good to Feel that everyone had been smart ample and common-sensical adequate to flee what is harming them. But that isn't often uncomplicated or clear-Reduce.

I'd personally only urge people today not to get rid of the information of Zen observe and teachings to this illustration. There was also much great work through the years, authentic function, energy and tears, Which legacy will always be the Dharma practice, teachings and realisations of successive students and generations.

I truly feel We've got a strong inclination to perceive factors in black-or-white, either/or conditions. It’s like we can’t get it in our heads that a “mighty” teacher can even have disconcerting flaws — much like Everyone else… But that’s the way it is!

The Main of the challenge is the fact the appearance of getting spiritual power is actually a fatal attraction for those who haven’t located their particular, but we can’t blame the victims. It’s the abusers who need to be stopped. Abusive behaviour in any Trainer displays there’s no legitimate realisation, just the superficial likeness.

Also, Remember that so that you can be ordained underneath the Buddha, a single had to respect and abide by many hundreds of precepts, dictating some ways that you are designed to curtail and Management your daily life. Regulations are only necessary for ignorant individuals.

In 1971, in my early twenties, my 1st Trainer was Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He was my fantastic teacher of dharma till sooner or later he summoned me to his dwelling and I had been ushered into his Bed room, where by he lay having a sheet covering The underside 50 percent of his bare entire body. Even though I declined his provide of sex, I did sit next to him Keeping his hand and telling his this wasn't “the best way,” and he explained to me to halt stating that. A couple of weeks later on I fled to India to reside in the ashram of the Expert who couldn’t treatment less if I was while in the viewers or not. It took me thirty decades to return to Tibetan Buddhism, when, by synchronicity, I discovered a Instructor with whom I felt an affinity. Prior to making a committment to study with him, I wrote to Pema Chodron about my fears with the sexual appetites of Tibetan lamas. She wrote me back again straight away and quoted Rick Fields: “Trungpa damage and helped more people than any individual else he realized.” As for Pema, she stated that she experienced total faith in Trungpa as her Trainer. Nowadays I doubt everyone could say Trungpa or Pema have not contributed positively to the dharma Local community, in the extremely least as a consequence of their writings. Over time, I questioned each individual lama I saw the dilemma: was Trungpa a Untrue Instructor as a result of his seemingly unsatiable sexual appetites or his excessive consuming, which killed him?

zafrogzen: Well really I did speak about the message. I obtain its formulation totally immature, misguided, and manipulative: “Do you think it suitable for zen academics to make use of their college students to fulfill their sexual desires”?

What if a zen Trainer kills another person? Are you presently about to continue to sit on the best of one's mountain? What would a zen Instructor really have to do… what immoral extreme would they've to head over to before you boarded An additional boat to sail back again to the planet of “this Which” from whatever realm you “crossed above” to?

Very well, I respectfully disagree. I don’t more info Assume we have to make this right into a koan — that would give the impression to numerous a practitioner that Sasaki’s “touching Girls” is something “over and above ordinary knowledge,” when it’s really not.

I can not discuss for this tradition, and am not affiliated, so in that way be sure to handle me for who I'm.

Eshu has staged this complete point as a character assassination, and I discover this utterly irresponsible. And that i just can’t believe he tried to negotiate this upfront with other Males from Rinzai-ji.

apply at a monastery in Japan toward the end of 1973, I don’t know howlong this arrangement lasted.

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